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Welcome to Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association,Inc.
If you’re looking for more information about the somali bantu, you’ve come to the right place. At Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association, Inc. LLC website. we’ll give you the attention and satisfaction information. And I am 100% sure that you’ll come to expect and enjoy reading our backgraound history. We offer the best services in helping our community  members. Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association, Inc. LLC has been located in Utica since July, 2007. We have been putting our experience to work for the community since then. We provide opprtunities, assistance, and support to members of the somali bantu community, and also we provide the same assistance to any refugees around the mohawk valley area.
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Below is our office location and Tutoring Center  too.
Office and Tutoring Center:

615 Elizabeth St. 1st Floor
Utica,  NY   13501
               OUR MISSION
The mission of the Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association,Inc. ( MVSBCA )is to empower the Somali Bantu Community and families to achieve life long successes, expand opportunity and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults; by promoting positive parenting and respect; to train families how to become self responsible; to facilitate integration of the Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association by providing educational, cultural, Interpratation and life skill training. We want to promote English literacy and awareness of American culture, and encourage self sufficiency; to be a liaison for the community and outside agencies like the Utica Police Department, social services, hospitals, the Utica Municipal Housing Authority, Utica City Court, employers, School district and any non-profit organizations.
Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu
 Community Association, Inc. 
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HomeHistoryCultures & TraditionsDirectorsPrograms & ServicesLanguagesSportsGalleries & MediaContact Us

For more information please:
Dear Visitors, Friends, and partners.On behalf of the Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association, Inc and as the President of the organization, it is a personal delight to Welcome you to our website. Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association, Inc. Is a 501©3 non-profit organization whose primary goal is to Assist the Somali Bantu Community and the refugee community in Utica, NY we provide outreach case Management, Employment, Literacy and Education, Health, and Tutoring, Home work support safety matters. As you explore this website, you will discover the wonderful opportunity to personally get acquainted. Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association, Inc’s backgrounds and the scope of our activities. We hope the information and material provided here will help you become equipped if not yet – with a better understanding and appreciation of the community. We warmly welcome all your comments, suggestions, and various levels of engagement. We also eagerly look forward to building together, with you, a fully integrated and strong community in which people respect and care for one another.Mohawk Valley Somali Bantu Community Association of Utica, NY was invented in 2008. It was invented by the first Somali Bantu group who settled in Utica NY. They realized the need to establish a community center to serve the demands of Utica and Oneida County’s increasing Somali Bantu population.  They put all their resources together and started offering basic services for the Somali Bantu new arrivals. They got more support from other organizations like MVRCR and Utica Municipal Housing Authority and other non-profit organizations. They rented an office to help and serve for the Somali Bantu Community members and others who need help. They are helping themselves with donation from any Somali Bantu Community board member to pay for the Office rent and other utilities/equipment for the Office needs. 

Sincerely Yours, 
Jeylani  Semboga
Jeylani Semboga